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General Company Description

Charleston Outdoor Adventures is an eco-adventure guiding service that features the local saltwater estuaries, wildlife and barrier island ecosystems that the Charleston coast showcases. With over 20 years of experience leading adventures through theLowcountry and a lifetime spent in various waterways throughout the Southeast, Charleston Outdoor Adventures’ staff, “brings life to Folly’s waterways that can’t be found anywhere else”. With the wide variety of tours, rentals and adventures COA has to offer, “we are able to create experiences that will be enjoyed by locals and tourists of all ages.”

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote environmental education about the importance of South Carolina’s most vital natural treasure – the salt water estuaries. Through exploration of these estuaries we aim to educate locals and visitors alike about the beauty and natural resources that we are so lucky to enjoy here in the Lowcountry. Charleston Outdoor Adventures is dedicated to the preservation of South Carolina’s natural wetlands and the wildlife that have made it their home. We believe that environmental education is strongly gained through firsthand experience and exploration of coastal ecosystems; it is this belief that guides us as we strive to create an experience that will influence the hearts and minds of all of our adventurers.


Charleston Outdoor Adventures Goals and Objectives

One of the main goals at COA is to be a healthy and successful business that is the regional leader in customer service, experience and safety. Goals for the future include company growth throughout the community and making it the most recognized guiding service in Charleston. COA also aims to network with other local guiding service companies, mutually benefiting both COA and other businesses in the Charleston area. The objective of COA is to promote environmental education and environmental stewardship and to build strong relationships with our local communities. We strive to include hands-on clientele relations and experiences which we hope will open up other windows of environmental opportunities and awareness.

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Charleston Outdoor Adventures Business Philosophy

Charleston Outdoor Adventures’ business philosophy is based around client care and environmental education. Clients are the most important part of our business. Safety is the number one objective when working with clients and the latest kayak, paddle boarding and boating protocols will be practiced by all guides, captains and instructors. Our philosophy is to promote environmental education, stewardship and awareness. Charleston Outdoor Adventures is dedicated to providing the best service and determined to never stop improving our business in the industry.

1871 Bowens Island Rd. Charleston, SC 29412