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We are happy to say that we have hundreds of reviews collectively on Trip Advisor and Yelp. Below are some examples of what our guests have to say about COA.

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Trip Advisor Review 5/18/16 My friend and I went on the kayak tour with Jake. First of all, Jake was an incredible guide and explained beautifully what we were seeing in nature. I developed a whole new appreciation for the environment. Towards the middle of our tour, a few dolphins came swimming by our kayaks. We were stunned. Then the dolphins started to work in unison to feed on the fish. It was the most amazing thing. The dolphins swam with us for over twenty minutes. We were very lucky for this to happen. Honestly, even if we didn’t see the dolphins my friend and I would have been amazed by the scenery alone and the incredible amount of knowledge Jake had about the estuary. I hope we get a chance to come back. Thank you for a day I will never forget!!!!

Trip Advisor Review 4/26/16 We had a great experience on the eco tour! Luke was our captain and his knowledge was incredible. He made the tour educational and fun and went out of his way to assure that we saw dolphins. Of course having Bill Murray help my 82 year old mother off the boat at Folly Beach added to the excitement. The tour was so enjoyable and we learned a lot. I would recommend it.

Trip Advisor Review 2/22/16 If you have to pick one dolphin tour, then this is the one !! We were the only ones out that door secondary to it being a bit on the cool side, but we loved every minute of it, especially our two young children. Our 4 yr old declared it was the “Best boat ride” she had ever been on. The two captains/guides were extremely knowledgeable, and good teachers encouraging our 8 yr old to answer the questions, and making him feel “smart.” Reasonably priced. Don’t miss this tour.

Yelp Review 10/30/15 What a great, active experience in Charleston! I first found this place on tripadvisor as it was so highly rated and took a chance on it. So fortunate that I did because it was a beautiful, wonderful experience in which I really felt like I learned more than I ever thought I would about Charleston. Situated on Bowen’s Island on an off-the-beaten-path type of road, we took an uber here from downtown Charleston, costing about $20 one way. We reserved a spot for a 3 hour kayak along the marshes and was joined by another couple who picked the same time. Our awesome guide was Luke and he was straight-up amazing! This was the first time I ever kayaked so I was a bit nervous at first but after a few strokes and guidance from Luke, I got used to rowing. I would suggest doing tandems for first timers so in guess you get tired (or nauseous in my case due to my sensitivity to motions sickness), you have someone to help you row. But if you do a single, like I did, the guide can hook you up to his kayak and support you as well.  It was just so relaxing being on the water, with wind blowing, birds flying and the quietness of the water moving. And again Luke was freaken awesome. He was so knowledgeable about the ecosystem of where we were rowing. He also educated us on the importance of the reeds, how the oysters live and filter the water, how South Carolina is just such a eco-friendly state and they do so much to prevent endangerment of the animal/plant life in South Carolina. He was very interactive and you can tell he truly cared about the environment.  If you are looking for something active to do, I highly recommend Charleston Outdoor Adventure. They also offer chartered and paddle board tours, all tours ranging 1.5-3 hours.

Yelp Review 5-14-2014   COA is an awesome place for outdoor activities.  I had a great 2 hour tour with Derek, who is very knowledgable and made this trip very educational and a great deal of fun.  He was awesome, anyone going to COA should try and get a tour with Derek.  We went on a beautiful morning tour and saw many forms of animal life, from sting rays, turtles, small fish, different types of birds, two dolphins, and even sharks!  However, the sharks were very small and would not do any damage, but it was still very cool to see.  When we spotted the two dolphins we paddled over to them and to my surprise they stayed fairly close to us the whole time.  They kept coming over to our boards and swimming close to us and going underneath us.  It was very cool to see these dolphins coming up out of the water and blowing air out of their blow holes.  This was a very fun time and anyone that is a beginner, like myself, should go to COA to try out paddle boarding.  It is a great deal of fun and even though I fell off my board I did not feel embarrassed because Derek made everyone in the group feel important and reassured me that it happens to everyone.  I admit that seeing the dolphins, turtles, and even the small sharks was one of the best parts of the tour, but even if I did not see all of these animals I would have still enjoyed myself.  Because of Derek’s knowledge of the estuary and marine life he made the trip enjoyable during the moments we did not see anything that exciting. For anyone looking for a great experience on vacation or not, COA is the place to go. Thank you COA and Derek for such a great time.

Email to COA 6-13-13   We had a wonderful time kayaking with Brad and the unusual time the dolphins were near us. We learned so much about the salt marsh estuaries and now have a new appreciation for it. As before we would look at the salt marshes and would think how ugly they were. We equally enjoyed our trip to Morris Island with Joe. We could tell how passionate he is for his work and truly loves it. This was one of the highlights of our trip to Charleston and truly enjoyed our experience with COA.   Bobb and Jackie Marysville, Ohio

Review 6-12-12

I took my family of 6 on the Morris Island Lighthouse tour on June 15th and we had an amazing trip. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but the tour was amazing. Our guide, Joe, took extra time with the kids, and he gave us an amazing amount of information about the local ecosystems and their “residents.”. The kids learned a lot, but we’re having so much fun they didn’t realize it! We saw about 20 dolphins along the way, and Joe took time to stop and try to let us get a better look. The shelling and scenery on Morris Islands was amazing. There were plenty of welks and sand dollars. There weren’t but about 12 people on the island, but I would recommend getting the first tour over to have your pick of the best shells. All in all, an amazing trip and absolutely recommended!

Reviewed August 7, 2011

Just returned from our trip with with our guide Joe. It was my wife’s first trip on the water in Charleston and we could not be more pleased. Joe really has knowledge of the environment and kept us informed during the entire trip.The Dolpins gve us a show that all should see. We would & “will” recommend them to all of our friends visiting & even the locals who have not seen Charleston from the water. Thanks COA & Joe for a great morning. John & Ellen

Reviewed September 30, 2011

My husband Paul and I visited Charleston September 23-25 for our 9th anniversary. We decided to do the kayak tour for a little added adventure. We LOVED it! Tripp was our tour guide and he was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable about the wetlands, animals, and surrounding ecosystems. He was very patient and allowed us to go at our own pace. It was hot and I forgot to bring water (which they did tell me to bring). However Tripp searched and found water for us to bring along. The owner was very personable and friendly. He and my husband “shot the breeze” about the fishing in the area. It was a wonderful experience and the gentleman there made it even better!
1871 Bowens Island Rd. Charleston, SC 29412